The Podologia Priego team is trained and specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of children's feet. Children's walking is an active concern for parents today, and for us it is a continuous goal to improve and correct the pathologies associated with the evolution of children's foot. 

Detecting a pathology in time can make the difference between applying a temporary correction or a definitive compensation. 

Knowing and anticipating already documented pathologies can provide a wide range of simple treatments for children, such as functional bandages, adapted orthoses, routine exercises to correct associated postures or morphologies and even more severe pathologies that require the use of splints.  

Among other pathologies we can find: 

  • Children's flat feet 
  • Internal Rotational Pattern
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Idiopathic tiptoeing
  • Equine foot
  • Talo foot

  • Children's Foot
  • Flatfoot
  • Children's March