In the field of podiatry, chiropractic is usually the first contact with our patient. The specialist is trained to eliminate hardness and alterations in the nails of the feet managing to eliminate the pain and to avoid future injuries. These can be caused by a wide variety of aetiologies such as inadequate footwear, unbalanced pressure, lack of general care or poor nail cutting.

Within this service we can find:

HYPERQUERATOSIS: Commonly called corns or calluses, we can find great variability of hyperkeratosis such as: Pink callus, Helomas, Tilomas, Helomas IPK, Helomas miliares. These have very varied causes and must be diagnosed by a chiropodist. In chiropractic, the specialist will eliminate them and get instant relief, but they can reappear. Therefore, your chiropodist should propose an adequate treatment for you, achieving the reduction or elimination of this pathology.

ONICOCRYPTOSIS: We can also find it as an ingrown nail. If the nail plate has suffered some trauma, the patient makes a bad cut of the nail or the morphology of the nail causes this injury. The chiropodist will eliminate the associated symptomatology, removing the spicule and prescribing medication for it. This pathology must be treated by a health specialist, in this case the chiropodist, because associated with it we can find other pathologies such as an infection, granuloma in the periungual impeller or unremoved spicules.

The podiatrist is authorized to prescribe the appropriate medication to treat this pathology. In very aggravated cases, different treatments may be advised, including conservative treatment such as periodic maintenance by the professional, orthonyxia, nail reconstruction or invasive treatments such as nail surgery.

ONICODISTROPHIES: The nail can be increased in thickness, with ungual weakness such as breaks, Beau's liaisons, or within this field we can find the sheets with oil stains associated with psoriasis. Any traumatic lesion in the lamina or absence of iron, vitamins, biotin, etc. can cause this symptomatology, so we must work in team with your trusted doctor in order to improve the aspect and symptomatology.

DRYNESS: In a complete chiropractic treatment, hydration must be finished. This point is very important because the dryness of the skin can be caused by lack of general care but, it can also give us symptoms by adjacent pathologies such as endocrine alterations, allergic reactions by contact and therefore the chiropodist must make a good anamnesis to get a precise differential diagnosis.

How often should we perform a chiropractic treatment?

When the patient comes for a consultation and a chiropractic session is performed, he tends to ask how often he should come for this treatment.

There is no rule, age, or specific period to perform this service. It is recommended that you come for consultation at least once a year to be able to perform the service and thus provide a continuous check-up of your foot. But it will depend on the maintenance of the patient, the pathology present and the footwear used, the frequency with which the patient will come for consultation.

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