Ingrown Toenails?

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Ingrown Toenails?

¿Qué es esa sensación punzante en tus pies? ¿Ha notado un dolor agudo alrededor de la uña del pie?

Lo más probable es que lo que usted tiene sea una uña encarnada donde la esquina o el borde de la uña está creciendo dentro de la piel circundante. Las uñas encarnadas o onicocriptosis es una patología muy comun y en un alto tanto por ciento suelen afectan al dedo gordo del pie, pero ocasionalmente también las podemos encontrar a los dedos más pequeños. A consecuencia de esta lesión el paciente refiere dolor, hinchazón, rubor y ocasionalmente podemos encontrar una infección.

Este problema a menudo ocurre en personas con onicogrifosis (uñas gruesas) o onicodistrofias (uñas en teja, problemas de crecimiento, lineas de beau,etc.), pero también puede ser el resultado de zapatos apretados, una lesión en la uña o debido a un corte inadecuado de las uñas. Cuando este problema ocurre, es importante que se trate antes de que se convierta en una infección de las partes blandas adyacentes.

In the first stages, the treatments that will be considered will be conservative. To do this, the qualified professional will remove the spicule that is causing the lesion and will choose between different treatment techniques in order to re-educate the nail plate so that the pathology disappears. To do this, it is very important to know the aetiology by which this pathology has appeared. 

When the pathology is in an advanced stage, we must remove the affected lateral nail or impeller and this will be assessed by a professional in order to provide the patient with the best treatment to avoid the problem. This will consist of a surgery described above to the patient, with the necessary tests and informed consent by the patient.

Ingrown toenails can be an even greater problem for patients who have other complications such as a neurological foot, diabetic foot, patients with anticoagulant therapies or associated pathologies that can present a range of foot risk. These patients can develop limb-threatening infections from something as small as an ingrown toenail. It is very important to have the patient and family members see a podiatrist regularly for routine nail and plant care to avoid potential problems.

A point that we must make an aside is the fungal nails. This problem can be treated with conservative care at home or in consultation, and even with the use of more invasive techniques such as laser therapy. Onychomycosis is usually accompanied by deformation of the nail plate so it can be the aetiology of onychocryptosis. 

Although ingrown nails may seem like a tiny problem, it can be a constant and painful reminder with every step you take.

Don't let ingrown nails ruin your day; come to our practice. Contact us!



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